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Aluprof in Canada!

ALUPROF aluminum systems make it possible to manufacture several types of doors and windows according to the desired application and the specific requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglary resistance, fire resistance or to fumes. They include solutions for internal partitions but especially insulating profiles (MB-86, MB-70, MB-60, MB-59S). An important part of the insulated systems is available in "HI" version with special inserts in the profiles that reduce the thermal conductivity coefficient.

The result of innovative techniques and materials, the MB-104 Passive system offers the highest level of thermal insulation. This major ALUPROF product, certified by the PHI Darmstadt Passive Housing Institute, is a perfect fit for energy efficient and passive buildings.

Recognized for their excellent thermal performance, panel doors are another interesting proposition in the range of door and window systems.

ALUPROF systems offer not only structures with the most commonly used types of opening, ie: French opening or interior drop, but also the MB-77HS rising and sliding terrace doors, specific facade solutions, such as curtain walls. We also offer:

"Industrial" type windows, dedicated to renovated historic buildings.

windows with invisible leaf - in their basic variant MB-86US, MB-70US, MB-60US and in the version with narrow frame MB-70SG windows with narrow profiles and the characteristic shapes MB-Ferroline and MB-Slimline.

On the basis of many ALUPROF systems, folding doors can be produced (the MB-86 Fold Line system being a separate system here), smoke-resistant and burglar-proof constructions. For customers looking for a good price / performance ratio.

A wide range of ALUPROF solutions is systematically developed to best meet the needs of contemporary architecture and the requirements of ever stricter standards and regulations.

Features and benefits:

■ excellent water and air infiltration and excellent thermal insulation thanks to a special shape of the central seal

■ good thermal insulation

■ a wide range of glazing up to 81 mm

■ classic Euro-style hardware grooves make it possible to install most hardware stores available on the market

■ Simplified construction manufacturing technology. Assembly of profiles (miter, "T") made by anchoring or screw connection

Technical parameters:

■ Airtightness class 4, EN 1026: 2001; EN 12207: 2001

■ Watertightness class E 1500, EN 1027: 2001; EN 12208: 2001

■ Thermal insulation (Uw): from 0.8 W / (m 2 K)

Aluprof, a choice of performance, style, comfort, durability! A choice that has a future!

VST team with Aluprof by MS Beyond

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