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First impressions are vital and the front door of a home certainly has a major impact on that initial image. As well as presenting an aesthetic appearance, it should feature high security and durability standards. In answer to those requirements, manufacturer of aluminum joinery ALUPROF has designed a series of panelled doors based on its MB-70, MB-86 and MB-104 PASSIVE systems.

Security above all

With an eye to the comfort and security of its customers, ALUPROF has developed some state-of-the-art, aluminum, panelled door systems. Their weather resistance is provided by their high-quality construction. Parameters such as airtightness and watertightness also meet rigorous thermal insulation standards. ALUPROF’s tried and trusted MB-70, MB-86 and MB-104 Passive systems constitute the load-bearing structures. The lightweight, rigid and durable aluminum profiles are available in a range of thermal insulation variants to suit different client requirements. In order to enhance the security parameters, the panelled doors are fitted with RC2-class burglary-resistant solutions.

Suited to requirements

ALUPROF’s exterior door systems’ undoubted strengths include their aesthetic qualities and the free choice of finish. The company is expanding its range and now offers several dozen unique models with a variety of stylish glass and metal decorative elements and ornamental friezes in all sorts of arrangements. The various glazed elements come in sandblasted/frosted, translucent, decorated or safety glass.

Options also include a choice of twenty-four wood-grain powder coatings from the RAL colour chart. In order to meet its clients’ individual requirements and respond to current interior design trends, ALUPROF has introduced two new coating variants, concrete and stone. The depth of the door varies according to the panel model, varying between 70 and 99 mm and the maximum dimensions are for 1400 mm wide panel, a maximum height of 2600 mm.

The diversity of the solutions makes it possible to compose the ideal front door for every home.

Perfectly suited door furniture and technologies

The door furniture used in the ALUPROF panelled door systems vary in terms of material and shape. Wood and metal, in a range of configurations and forms, are applied in curved structures as handles or pulls, round, partly round, and square, on one side or both. ALUPROF’s door systems can also be fitted with advanced technological features.

First-class production standards

The systems designed by ALUPROF meet the highest standards of security, durability and aesthetics. The use of solid, hard-wearing materials reduces running costs and means that the company’s panelled doors will go on functioning over the long term and the wide selection makes it possible to choose a system to suit even the most inordinate of client demands.

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